#12 The secrets of aerodynamics – Teddy Woll and Andreas Wagner

Show notes

When we hear the term aerodynamics, the first thing that might pop-up in our minds are airplanes. However, the science of moving air hitting solid objects is not only decisive for aerial vehicles but also for the ones on the road.

So, for the latest episode of “Let’s Talk Mercedes” – the Mercedes-Benz podcast – our host, Yasmine Blair, gets to the heart of automotive aerodynamics with two renowned experts: Mercedes-Benz’ Head of Aerodynamics and Wind Tunnel, Teddy Woll, and Andreas Wagner, Chair of Automotive Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

During their enchanting discussion, Yasmine learnt about penguins as the paragons of aerodynamics, pushing the boundaries of the past and asking the pivotal question about streamlining cars: Do you prefer it fast or efficient?

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